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Planet Painter is a tool that allows you to create and edit nice little spherical planets.

  • Lots of options for heightmap and color painting of planet surfaces, including procedural brushes
  • Wide range of detail levels, from hundreds to millions of polygons per planet
  • Stylized low poly / flat shaded look
  • Terraced terrain style
  • Export to 3D model, map projection and voxel formats
  • Tessellated icosahedrons

icospheric@gmail.com | @icospheric | YouTube Channel

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorIcospheric Games
Made withUnity
Tags3D, flat-shading, Low-poly, terrain-editor
Average sessionAbout an hour
LinksTwitter, YouTube


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PlanetPainter_0.5_Windows_64bit.zip 16 MB
PlanetPainter_0.5_Windows_32bit.zip 14 MB
PlanetPainter_0.5_Mac_64bit.zip 18 MB
PlanetPainter_0.5_Mac_32bit.zip 18 MB
PlanetPainter_0.5_Linux_64bit.zip 17 MB
PlanetPainter_0.5_Linux_32bit.zip 17 MB


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This asset looks like exactly what I need. I am trying to do a survival or an extraction shooter and was wondering about the performance when a map is very large (4km2 to 6 km2). Does it have some kind of a LOD or occlusion capabilities? Or any other tools for performance? Thank you :)

I can't change the save path but really want to. Please help.

(1 edit)

I have a thought for the shape of the brush 
there is a round one 

what about other shapes ?

there would be the basic shapes like 
Round Circle that is there now and then 
Square , Triangle ,

Well in that case there would be  2 version for different Directions

the user can also make there own shapes that can be stored and Shared with others let the user store the Name .

in the file the basic points are stored so quick load and a tiny file one more thing Let the person chose ware they save there file 
would complete this .

I have anther addition to this 
to be able to copy a section and past it some ware else 
two keys quick press "c" and the "V" but have this built in 

umm obj file format for saving for a 3d model 
as the program I will be using
dose not use the other 2 file types

I know making this was not easy 

please Consider ..

Thank you

Deleted post

Amazing program, but I am just wondering what the license is and in what ways we are allowed to use the planets we create. Are there any restrictions?


Thanks, glad to know you like it! There are no restrictions, you can use the planets in any way, they're all yours.

I am having a difficult time figuring out how to apply the generated texture to the planet FBX properly.

Hey, sorry for the delayed response, just noticed the comment. For the FBX file you don't need a texture, it has terrain colors encoded into color attribute of meshes' vertexes. What you need is a material/shader that can use those vertex colors.

Please launch a random mode too, its too interesting for templates

Really love what you've got so far. There's still a ton of features which could be added but it's incredibly easy to use.

I'll be very happy when the exporter is ready.

Awesome, this save me many time super simple to create you own planet, i have just one question, when you make low poly planets the brush effect are slow?  thanks to share with us!

me too!

Thank you for making this. I was skeptical at first, but after testing it out, I nearly cried tears of joy. Your program allows me to overcome my greatest obstacle, the creation of a spherical 3D planet, that can be edited on Cinema4D. 

Thanks, great to know you liked it! :)

Love the terraced style worl

could you create a flat version

Wow this is great! I have been trying to find a low poly terrain art tool and I think I have found it! As an artist and a fan of space this is just the best of both worlds for me. Thank you! Reminds me of Astroneer! ;) Also did you use Planet Painter in your hot air balloon game you're currently developing?

Thanks, glad to hear you like it! :) In that particular video with the air balloons the planet was randomly generated, but hand-made planets from Planet Painter could also be used.


thats exactly what i need :D

when does you add the function to export the planets?

Hi! Sorry, can't promise anything more specific than Blizzard-style "when it's ready". :) Not too much free time at the moment. Soon, I hope!

okay. well then i will make some planets and wait :D

Very, very interesting! :D Fun to mess around with. You say you're planning to add exporting to other formats. Will this include 3D formats that could be imported to 3D applications such as Blender?

Thanks! :) Yes, I have plans to add exporting to some of the popular 3D formats (such as OBJ or FBX, haven't decided yet).

That's great to hear! Why not both formats? Haha.